Steps to Improve Spoken English

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Steps to Improve Spoken English

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How to improve my spoken English is one of the frequently asked question every where. There are a number of techniques you can use to improve your spoken English:

1. Speak, Speak, Speak: Don't be afraid of mistakes. One cannot learn if he fears mistakes.
2. Listen to news bulletins and songs in English. The more you listen, the more you learn! Try copying what you hear to practice your pronunciation.

3. Read out loud: Read the newspaper or a magazine to yourself. This is a great way to practice spoken English.
4. Record your Voice and Listen to it: Use technology to improve spoken English. A smartphone is a powerful tool. Use it to record yourself speaking then listen back to see how your English sounds. Make the most of all your favorite English speaking apps. Here is the topic dealing with Apps and Resources for Improving Spoken English

5. Prepare Sentences for Specific Occasions: Visualize common sentences and answers to common questions like the ones give below and practice their answers:
  • How are you?
  • How can I help you, please?
  • What results are you expecting?
  • What are your future plans?
  • How is the family?
  • Which game you like the most and whats good in it?
6. Learn phrases rather than single words: Another tip to increase your fluency is to speak using a variety of phrases rather than individual words.
7. Have fun: You cannot learn anything unless you are enjoying ti. It’s far easier to learn something new when you’re having fun.

8. Watch Movies in English.
9. Use a dictionary: Online dictionaries often have audio examples so you can check your pronunciation and there are lots of great dictionary apps that you can take everywhere with you on your smartphone. Make sure not to become too reliant on these tools, though. Have a go at saying the words first then check afterwards to see if you were right!

10. Try chats, comments, posts in English.
11. English new papers/ magazines in your favorite topic like sports, internet, pubg etc.
12. An evening session with a mentor, friends etc in English.
13. Learning from a language lab.

Watch this video as well:
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