Experiences Sub Group Task - Group Race at ISSB

Out door tasks conducted by Group Testing Officer(GTO) at ISSB are discussed in this forum
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Experiences Sub Group Task - Group Race at ISSB

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The guidelines / Procedure of Sub group Task also called as Group Race at ISSB are here

Experience -1
*Copied **
It's not Group race.
It's sub group task in which GTO divides a group in two.
For example if there are 12 candidates in a group first 6 members will be in group one while next 6 in group two.
In the start of the task the group is given 2 bodies weighing around 6-8 KGS and 2 tires tied with a rope and it's necessary that atleast two members are holding at a time all the 4 things.. while rest of the 2 members will act as sub ordinate to help other members.. Time given is 8 minutes and the group has to come through 5 obstacles in there way,
1: zig zag
2: 8 shaped iron poles
3: hanging ropes in the shape of square (touching the red blocks would be a foul)
4: 4 feet high walls connected connected by round pipes like structure
5: a high wall approximately 6-7 feet
After all these obstacles at the the end there's a kind of a group task and the group will have to pass all the luggage (planks, drum, Bamboo & 2 bodies+ tyres). Without touching out of bound areas....
It was a great experience, and we enjoyed a lot.

Experience -2
*Copied **
A very easy and awesome experience
Group of of mine 148lc
Isme 5 chest mates hote hn jinhe 2 chize di jati hn ek tyre jo itna heavy ni hota or dono sides se rope se bndha hua hota he or dsra dummy hoti he human ki kapre ki jisme bhosa bhara hua hota he har chiz ko 2 candidates ne pakarna hota he race m kch obstacles hotw hn first zigzag hoti he jo apne red spots pr bina touch hue cross krna he with material dsra ek iron stand hota he usme se 8 bna kr cross krna hota he 3rd pr ek incline rope net bni hoti he bari se us pr se jana hota he 4th pr 2 walls hoti h. Jin k cntr m wide pipes hotw h. Un pr beth kr next wall se utar na he next ek unchi wall hoti he us pr charh kr next side utarna hota he

Experience 3
** Copied** Tips for complete
Isme main chiz coordination he ek candidate free hota he hmne bs ksi ko b all task m free ni rehne dena means k first mne ek rope pakri hui he to obstacle pr m dsre ko rope dedo aese sequence se k har candidate dummy or tyre ko pakre b or hm sb sath har obstacle ko cross krke sath hi task finish kre qk ye hmara group ka task he individual ka ni to kbhi b akele khd jitne ki na soche
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