Sharing of Psych Tests in Interview & Re-interview at ISSB

This forum deals with Interview at ISSB by Deputy President and related preparation.
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Sharing of Psych Tests in Interview & Re-interview at ISSB

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Is the work of the candidate for Psychological and GTO's Test at ISSB shared with Deputy President for Counter Verification.?

The detailed procedures adopted at ISSB are shared in video lecture below. A gist is as under:-
  • ISSB has 3 dimension system i.e Deputy President, GTO and Psych Dimension.
  • All 3 dimensions carryout assessment independently without input from each others.
  • This process ensures independent and unbiased assessment at ISSB i.e. each selector uses personal experiences and method (instead of relying on notes / opinion / method of other).
  • This also ensures impartiality as none of the selectors knows who is the other selector and what are his tools / methods indicating.
  • The individual rating of the candidate is formally recorded by each selector. NO component of that is shared with other dimensions till Final conference day.
  • Deputy, Pshcy and GTO get together on final day to discuss and finalized the results of each candidate. This is the first day, that the outcome of the assessment are mutually shared to make a final personality picture of a person.
  • All 3 dimensions are treated EQUAL. None is given priority over the other.

When / Why re-interview of the Candidates is held
Re-interview by selection team is done to establish/ confirm/ reach consensus on certain aspects which come up during final conference between the selectors. Interview by Commandant ISSB may also be done for similar reason. Commandant ISSB may, at his discretion interview certain candidates as he deemed necessary.
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