Best ISSB Academy - ISSB Preparation - Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Rawalpinidi, Quetta & other cities

A forum to discuss ISSB Test Preparation, testing schedule, changes in ISSB procedure / program, issb call letter, joining instructions, list of academies in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, Karachi, Quetta and other cities.
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Best ISSB Academy - ISSB Preparation - Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Rawalpinidi, Quetta & other cities

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The question of Best Academy For ISSB Preparation in Pakistan is one of the most sought as well as controversial topic amongst candidates.
There are many academies in different cities of Pakistan to provide guidance and help for attaining recommendations from ISSB and to do well in ISSB test Preparation. ISSB test are conducted for persons who wat to join Air force, Pak Army and Navy. As these tests are not very common, students are often searching for the Best Academy of ISSB in Pakistan

The point of view of ISSB about academy as per official ISSB website is, "Over the years some private institutions and coaching centers have mushroomed in the country to train the candidate for passing ISSB tests. You are advised not to join these for training and guidance. The training imparted in these centers is too restricted and brings in rigidity in thought process.

ISSB Academies are arranged city wise (in alphabetic order): This is not supposed to be the list of best ISSB academies in Pakistan or Recommended ISSB academies in Pakistan etc. WalnutBloom is not associated / responsible for the performance or any other issues of these issb academies in Pakistan.

The question on 'which is the best issb academy in Pakistan' is yet to be answered, this is a list of some of these.

Academy for ISSB Test Preparation


ISSB Test Preparation Academy - Abbottabad

Ali Forces Academy:


ISSB Test Preparation Academy - Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur Forces Academy


ISSB Test Preparation Academy - Faisalabad

ISSB Baloch Cadet Academy:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: ISSB Baloch Cadet Academy
  • phone:0300 6624997
  • Address: 370/C Officers colony no. 2 near haqbahu park madina town Faisalabad, Punjab,
  • Google Reviews and Rating:
  • Any other aspect: Nil
Forces Academy Faisalabad:


ISSB Test Preparation Academy in Gujranwala

Defence Forces Cadet Academy:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: Defene Forces Academy, Gujranwala
  • phone:0321 4982835
  • Address: Rahwali cantt gujranwala ،Green Town, Gujranwala, Punjab 52280
  • Response to Our Inquiry; Pending
  • Any other aspect: Nil

Forces Coaching Academy:


ISSB Academy in Hyderabad

Bravo's Academy, Hyderabad:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: Bravo's Academy, Hyderabad
  • phone:03798646 -0333
  • Address: :Anwar wala Road Near poly technical college Qasimabad ,Hyderabad
  • Response to Our Inquiry; Pending
  • Any other aspect: Nil


Best ISSB Academy in Islamabad - See list below

Badar Forces & ISSB Academy: Syed Forces Academy: Thunder ISSB Academy:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: Thunder ISSB Academy, Islamabad
  • phone:0336 3320119
  • Address: :Street Number 3, Jhangi Syedian, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Any other aspect: Online Only


ISSB Academy for Test Preparation in Kohat

Nasruminallah WA Fathun Qareeb***ISSB Coaching AcadNasruminallah WA Fathun Qareeb***ISSB Coaching Academyemy:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: ISSB Coaching Academy
  • phone:0332 9782574
  • Address: :Sector 2Kohat Development Authority (KDA), Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwan
  • Any other aspect: Online Only


There are a number of academies helping candidates for preparation of ISSB in Karachi. A list is given below, if you are a candidate or run and academy in Karachi, and your academy name is not there, you can let us know.

ISSB Test Preparation Academy in Karachi

Rising Stars Academy:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: Rising Star Academy
  • phone:0321 2848228
  • Address: : HOUSE NO# A-138X, Main Block C Gulshan e Jamal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  • Any other aspect: Online Only

Col Nagi's Issb Institute, Karachi:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: Col Nagi's Isntitute
  • phone:+92-21-34382566
  • Address: : Suite No. 201, 2nd Floor, Hafeez Centre, NEAR BALOCH COLONY FLY OVER, SHARA E FAISAL,, Block A Bangalore Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  • Any other aspect: Could not find much of its presence on internet. Facebook page is inactive.

    Commander (R) Arif's Academy, Karachi:
    • Website: None
    • facebook-f: Could not find.
    • phone:0333 2377260
    • Address: : 135/3, CP BERAR SOCIETY, STREET 10, OFF Alamgir Rd, near BAHADURABAD, CP & Berar CHS, Karachi
    • Any other aspect: Active academy with 290 google reviews and 5 star ranking in those.Should not be mixed with Colonel Arif, he is based in Rawalpindi, Defence Forces Academy. See the list in Rawalpindi.


ISSB Test Preparation Academy - Lahore

Forces Officers Academy for ISSB:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: Forces Officers Academy
  • phone:0343 8338958
  • Address: 31-M Block International Market, Model town extension, Lahore
  • Response to Our Inquiry; Pending
  • Any other aspect: Nil
Forces Coaching Academy, Lahore:


Niazi Forces Academy - Multan:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: Niazi Forces Academy Multan
  • phone: 0314 4220065
  • Address: Near Punjab Nursery, Chungi#6, Bosan Road, , Multan,
  • Any other aspect: Nil
Forces Academy Multan:
  • Website: None
  • facebook-f: Forces Academy,Multan
  • phone:0333 6024455.0301 6494460
  • Address: Street Number 6 kutchery Chowk Near civil Line college, Tariqabad, Multan
  • Any other aspect: Nil


Jinnah Forces Academy:


Force Academy:


Rawalpindi is a major hub for issb training academies. A number of very famous retired Army officers have established their presence and are helping candidate is respective issb academy at Rawalpindi. Here is a list of ISSB academies in Rawalpindi. If you know any other training institute helping in this field, please inform us.

ISSB School of Excellence:
  • Website: Cannot be accessed.
  • facebook-f: ISSB School of Excellence, Rawalpindi
  • phone:0330 5268330
  • Address: Watan Plaza,Tipu Road, Near Rawalpindi Medical College, Murree Road Rawalpindi
  • Response to Our Inquiry; Instant.
  • Any other aspect (as on Apr 2022:
    • Initial Classes fee (1 month) : 12000/-
    • ISSB Classes Fee: 17000/-
    • Hostel Charges: 12000
Muhammadian Academy: Noor Forces Academy: The Groomers:
  • Website: Not functional
  • facebook-f: The Groomers Rawalpindi
  • phone:0322 5172799
  • Address: House No 803, Street No 1, Park Lane Chaklala Scheme 3, Rawalpindi
  • Any other aspect: Nil
Delta Forces Academy:
  • Website: Not functional
  • facebook-f: Delta Forces Academy
  • phone:0314 5804051
  • Address: Sir Syed Chowk ،Opposite Sir Syed Public School ،Tipu Rd, Rawalpindi,
  • Any other aspect: Nil
Stars Forces Academy:


Forces Academy Sargodha:
  • Website: Not there.
  • facebook-f: Forces Academy Sargodha
  • phone:0333 9609039
  • Address: Shamsher Town Sargodha.
    Village Campus : 39/SB Sargodha
  • Any other aspect: Seem responsive
ISSB preparation is important for the career of the candidates, hence one looks for or ISSB Academies in Pakistan. This page is meant to provide basic information about ISSB academies to facilitate candidates undertaking web search. Academy reps can contact for additional advertising, pertaining packages, courses etc, if they so desire.
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