Eligibility, Initial Tests, Notes Lady Cadet Course - Army

Lady Cadet Course (LCC), eligibility, initial test including verbal and non verbal, physical, initial interview, ISSB tests, notes, experiences of LCC are discussed in this forum
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Eligibility, Initial Tests, Notes Lady Cadet Course - Army

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Course advertised normally in May/June or Nov/Dec


Eligibility Conditions for Girls for LCC Pakistan Army:
  • Age: Up to 28 Years
    Marital Status: Un married
    Minimum Height: 5’ (152.4 cm)
    Weight: As per Body Mass Index (Check here)
  • Academic Prerequisites
    ► Minimum CGPA 2.5 out of 4 or Min 60% Marks in annual system.
    ► M.Phil/ MS will be given preference.
    ► No 3rd Division or Grade D and only one 2nd Division/ Grade C throughout the academic career.
    ► Candidates only graduated from HEC/PEC recognized universities.
    ► Candidates acquired education as private student are not eligible.


Subjects and Qualifications:
  • Corps of Engineers (Engrs)
    BE/ MS in the following:-
    ► GIS&RS/ Geo Informatics Engg
    ► Architecture
    ► Architectural Engg
    ► Water Resource Engg Management

    Corps of Signals (Sigs)
    BE in the following:-
    ► Electrical Engg
    ► Telecom Engg
    ► Software Engg

    Army Services Corps (ASC)
    ► MBA Supply Chain Management
    ► POL Engg/ POL pipelines Instl
    ► MBA Management
    ► Chemical Engg

    Corps of Ordnance (Ord)
    ► MBA Supply Chain Management
    ► BE Electronics
    ► BE/ BSc Chemistry

    Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (EME)

    BE in the following:-
    ► Electrical Engg
    ► Electronics Engg
    ► Mechanical Engg
    ► Mechatronics Engg

    Remount Veterinary and Farms Corps (RV & FC)
    ► DVM degree Registered with PVMC

    Information & Computer Technology Officers (ICTO)
    BS/ BE in the following:-
    ► Software Engg
    ► Cyber Security
    ► Geo Informatics/ Geo Matics

    Direct Short Service Commission as Public Relation Officer (PRO)

    Masters or equivalent in following:-
    ► MS Mass Communication
    ► MA International Relations
    ► MSc TV & Film Production
    ► MSc TV & Cyber War

    Army Education Corps (AEC)
    MA/ MSc/ BS (4 Years) in following:-
    ► Education
    ► Pakistan Studies
    ► Statistics
    ► Computer Science

    Judge Advocate General Department[

Initial Test Pattern

What is Initial Test Pattern for Lady_Cadet_Course LCC

Pattern Of Initial Test - LCC
There are three types of test. You have to pass all the tests. The test will be in the following sequence.


Verbal intelligence is the ability to analyze information and solve problems using language-based reasoning. Language-based reasoning may involve reading or listen to words, conversing, writing, or even thinking.

Verbal Test LCC - Pattern
96 M.C.Qs :40 Minute Time

Verbal Test LCC - Example
Gun is to Soldier as ________ is to Blacksmith.
a) Plane b) Hammer
c)Nail d)Spaceship
Which one is out of list?
a) Buffalo b )Goat
b) Sheep d) Cow
e) Horse
Lady Cadet Course (LCC) Verbal Test Forum

In the nonverbal section ,there are pictorial structured questions where you have to choose the suitable answer. Mostly ,there is sequence in the questions .You have to follow that sequence and choose the right option.

Verbal Test LCC - Pattern
65 M.C.Qs :40 Minute Time
Non Verbal Tests Lady Cadet Course - LCC

3-Academic Test for Lady Cadet Coure (LCC)
The academic test consists of your subject basics.
For e.g If your subject is Computer Science then it will be related to CS and so on.

Academic Test LCC - Pattern
50 M.C.Qs :30 Minute Time.

Initial Interview Lady Cadet Course - (LCC)

o Interview and Essay Writing.
Candidates who pass in written test, Medical & Physical Tests are interviewed by S&RO and Psychologist.
Before interview every candidate will be required to write an essay of 10 lines in English and Urdu. Topic of the Day will be reflected on the board in exam hall /room. Each candidate will be given marks out of 20. A candidate securing less than 12 marks will be considered failure and will not be given Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) form. Outline context / aspects normally tested are as under: -
  • Expression and confidence in English and Urdu.
  • Current affairs.
  • Geo and Pak Studies.
  • Overall outlook.
  • Extra curricular activities include sports and hobbies.
  • Any other aspect as deemed appropriate by the Panel

Initial Test Notes,pdf - study material

file-pdf-o: Want to Prepare? :
- Initial Interview and Essay Notes
- Initial Interview PMA Long Course
- Essay Writing in Initial Tests - Guidelines

From Where I can get book, pdf notes and Study Material for Initial Test of PMA long Course?

Initial Interview: pdf https://cutt.ly/initial-iterview
General Knowledge and Quick Math for Initial Tests and ISSB: https://cutt.ly/gk-and-quickmath
Initial Interview and Essay Writing Notes

Quiz and Mock Tests : Quiz Tests for PMA Long Course Preparation

Video Lectures for Initial Test Preparation Lecture: Study Material for ISSB Preparation

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Re: Eligibility, Initial Tests, Notes Lady Cadet Course - Army

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I want to know about the academic test conducted for LCC education corp.My subject is English .I just want to know about the proportion of questions being asked from linguistics and literature
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