Changes in ISSB Test Procedures

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Changes in ISSB Test Procedures

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arrow-rightMechanical Aptitude Test (MAT) is however, held (for fresh candidates only). You can find details and samples about MAT here in this forum viewforum.php?f=15

arrow-rightEssay writing has been added at ISSB - Essay writing is there in initial tests as well as in ISSB. At ISSB its a 30 Minutes Essay to be written - this has been deliberated in this forum at viewforum.php?f=33

arrow-rightSituation Reaction Test and OPI Test have been included in ISSB. In Situation Reaction Tests, one has to respond to 10 day to day situations in 20 minutes. We have added quiz and guidelines for these in this forum here -> viewforum.php?f=29
In OPI Test at ISSB, there are 150 questions to be answered pertaining ones choices. We have added a complete OPI Quiz Test for you here quiz/opi-1/

arrow-rightGroup Discussion, taken by Deputy President. Previously GTO used to hold this. You can gain lot of information in terms of notes, guideline about group discussion at ISSB here viewtopic.php?t=92

arrow-rightGroup Race has been added. However, lately the returning candidates have mentioned that it was not held and half group task was held. You may learn about Group Race here viewtopic.php?t=7

arrow-rightGroup Planning now includes submission of written plan by every candidate. You can learn on group planning here viewtopic.php?t=112

arrow-rightCommand Task: The commanders are changed during at different level during the conduct of the test. This involves everyone in the tasks and also may save on time.

arrow-rightScreening Test : is not held i.e. Intelligence test, i.e. verbal and non verbal tests being held at issb are no more held at ISSB now.

Updated day wise testing procedure of ISSB (including latest changes) here viewtopic.php?t=2
Following 2 Short Videos will help you to learn how to manage some of these changes at ISSB effectively.
issb changes video 1


- Video 2

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Re: Changes in ISSB Test Procedures

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Very amazed!
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