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Academic Test - GDP - Experience Shared

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GDP Experiences
• If 5 men build house in 21 days then in how many days 7 men build house
• 1 volt is equal to....
• during projectile motion horizontal component becomes what
• Velocity or torque ki dimension thi ,
• or 1volt =?
• horizontal component of projectile
• horse power ka tha
• 1 MEGA volt =
• ohms law
• dimensions
• lenzs law
• semiconductors
• transistors
• interference
• wave oscillator
• fluid dynamics
• Listen is to hear as see is to.....?
• 5E,7G,9I,11K,...
• A is the father of B but B is not the son of A .What's the relationship of B is with A..?
• If blue is green, green is red, red is yellow and yellow is white then,. What is the colour of sky?
• If
• Dimensions of angular momentum
• Geo stationary satellite covers the angle of how many degree?
• The distance covered by the body at specific instance of time is?
• Instantaneous velocity
• The vertical component of projectile at the point of ejection is??
• The range of projectile depends upon?
• The equation of continuity is ?
• Electromagnetic Waves are of the type ??
• The waves in the organ pipe are of the type?
• The torque of a body is 2000 Nm and angular momentum is 2 find it's moment of inertia.?
• Max plank proposed the theory of??
• In photo electro effect electron losses it's energy and it's wavelength changes?
• In inelastic collision both momentum and energy is conserved or not??
• Optical fiber is has core and ??
• How many types of optical fiber are?
• The Kinetic energy of a body is related with temperature in which way?
• The efficiency of deisel engine is ?
• The study of charges at rest is called??
• Mathematical form of Ampere law?
• the study of charges at rest is called as:
• the conversion of matter into energy includes the phenomenon of:
• 3-A photon loses all its entire energy during:
• the capacitance of two capacitors combined in parallel would be:
• one light year=:
• the energy of a photon of wavelength 1 angstorm?
• if the temperature of sun is increased 4 times then what would be the effect on the beat of earth?
• a for award biased pn junction is:
• a reverse biased on junction is:
• in a pure resistive circuit voltage and current are:
• the unit of viscosity is:
• the angular acceleration of a body having 2Nm-2 moment of intertia and 2000 torque is:
• the no. Of significant figures in 0.0001 is:
• If two vectors of equal magnitude have a resultant also equal to their magnitude then the angle between them is:
• in the absence of an external force, the momentum of the body:
(remains conserved)
• which of the following is a non conservative force:
• the velocity required to escape the earth's surface is:
• the relationship between linear and angular frequency is:
• the force acting on a satellite is:
(mv2/r )
• the unit for spin angular momentum is?
(A joule second)
• for a body moving upwards:
• the place where area increases the velocity:
• the angular acceleration is equal to:
• which angle tells the displacement and direction as well:
• the energy absorption for reaonace is:
• which waves are standing waves:
• a- electromagnetic
• b- longitudinal
• c- transverse
• for an aeroplane moving towards the airport the apparent frequency:
• energy can neither be created nor destroyed is:
• - F/q is:
• resistivity is dependent on:
• - the motional emf of the rod increases with:
• - a pn junction could be used as:
• - the square of the average value is called:
• - the ratio of stress to strain is:
• - stress is proportional to strain according to which law:
• - high carbo steel is an example of;
• - a p type semi conductor results when the impurity is added from:
• - the charge on a p type semi conductor is:
• - a photo diode is operated in:
• - the most suitable idealization of black body is:
• - the emission of electron from a surface is:
• - the frequncey in Compton effect:
• - photo electric effect shows the:
• - the ionization potential energy for an electron is:
• - the correct relation is:
• - a neutron is equal to:
• - unit of mutual induction:
• - phase change when wave travelled from densor to rare medium:
• - capacitance in parrallel combination :
• - capacitance in series combination :
• - unit of power in case of volt:
• - helium atom is :
• - photo electric effect show which nature of sub atomic partical:
• - what happen to frequency when source moves away from observer:
• - when observer is in condition of moving what will be constant:
• - when source moving then:
• - dual nature mean :
• - what happend to wave length and pitch of sound when observer move closer to source:
• - who deviced the dual nature of sub atomic partical:
• threshod frequency depend upon what:
• unit of viscosity:
• - unit of induction :
• the process when mass converted into energy :
Inhellation of matter
• - the emmission power of black body is:
Heighest monochromatic at all wavelength
• - the length of pendulum increase by 4 times then time period will be :
• - which reaction take place in sun:
• - when light wave travelled from densor to rare medium it phase different will be:
• - semi conducter has ..... valence band:
• - empty conductor band is :
Band of orbital that are high in energy and no free electron
• addition of impurity to semi conducter is called:
• - P type material contain:
• - holes are partical that:
• the largest e/m ratio is of :
• - the obsorption power of black body radiation is ?
Remain same or constant
• doner doping is in:
• - accepter doping is in:
• - when a paratroper jump from plain . His weight before opening parashoot is :
• weight of man on going up:
• 1 radian is equal to :
• dimension of viscosity:
• dimension of acceleration :
• - dimension of power:
• unit of power:
• - direction of current and potential difference :
• - unit vector of 4i, 2j, 4k:
• - cross product of 4i, 6j :
• - if £t = 0 and £F = 0 then is it equillibrium?
• mechanical wave required :
• - example of tranverse wave :
• - what is standing wave:
• - photo electric effect occur in :
• - centripetal force F= ?
• - direction of centripital force:
• - when a body move with speed of light it mass will be:
• holes are :
• valence band is :
• germinium and silicon has valancy of:
• when impuroty added to germinium from 5th group the it is called :
• 2 capacitor are joind parrallel the equivalent capacitor is :
• energy on sun due to:
• formula for acceleration in SHM:
• ammeter used to measure:
• primery V= 220. If number of turn increase in secondry coil then what will be resistance :
• heighest e/m ratio is :
• dimension of self induction
Ans [M° L2T-2A-2]
106- 1 ev = ?
1.602 x 10-19 j
• megnetic lines are called :
• Columb force F = ?
• alpha partical are :
• absolute zero in fahrenhight scale:
• unit of megnetic flux:
• spectrum of black body:
• second ionization of mercury:
• device which just run AC voltage ?
• when perpendiculer force act on body it will move on :
• unit of megnetic flux dencity:
• equation of continuty:
• partical nature shown by :
• wave nature:
• when source moving then:
• when observer moving then:
• mass convert to energy is:
• energy covert to mass:
(Pair production.)
• in black body when temperature increase then:
(Radiation will be. richer in shorter wavelength )
• in black body when temperature decrease then:
(Radiation will richer in. high wavelength)
• temperature inversly proportional to wavelength only in case of:
• semi conductor is:
Partialy filled Valence and conduction band
• p type material :
• N type material:
• direction of centripetal force is toward ?
• formula for kelvin K:?
• formula for fahrenhight F:?
• formula for centigrade C:?
• .- when light waves enter from raer medium to denser medium the phase change will be? ( 180°)
• -when waves enter from denser to rare medium then phase change will be ?(0°)
• - wave equation
• - dimension of viscosity
• - current measuring device?(ammeter)
• - unit of impedense ? (Henry)
• - absorption power of black body? ( I think 1 BT not confirmed)
• - rejection power of black body?( I think 0 .confirme kr lejeay ga.)
• - which has maximum e/m value?
• - count significant figuers ?
• - calculate area of following.. And calculate significant figures.
• - wiens equation
• - reaction taking place in sun ??
• Absorption power of perfect black body.(1)
• Absorption ability of black body
(Maximum or infinity)
• Aeroplane coming toward airport its apparent frequecy
• Same but move away from airport
• Source move toward stationary listoner its wavelength
• Same if move away from listioner
• Rest mass energy of electron and positron. (1.02Mev)
• In capistive circuit current and voltage are
(Out of phase)
• Photoelectric effect prove the
(Particle nature of light)
• Energy of photon for compton effect must be
(0.1 to 1 Mev)
• Resonance circuit is
(Pure resistive circuit)
• properties of waves, s=vt based
• ,light
• , electric motor
• , angular momentum,
• dawn of modern physics and laser
• one radians is equal to revolution(0.159)
• unit of viscosity
• unit of impulse (ns)
• :force exerted perpendicular to area is called(tensile stress nt cnfrm
• : Pakistani physicist scientist who Got noble price(dr abdulsalam in 1979
• voltage across secondary coil is
• :rest mass if photon(zero
• :device which converts mechanical energy into electrical(ac generator nt cnfrm
• :nature of electromagnetic(dual nature
• :photoelectric effect verified by(Einstein
• :when pilot diving down mass become
• :conversion of ac to dc current(rectification
• :radiation from sun is due to(
• :stress is directly proportional to strain according to (hooks law
• :thermodynamics first law all statements
• :transistor is used for (resistor nt cnf
• :on p type material impurities is added from(3rd group
• :black body radiation spectrum(continues
• :work done is said to be negative when ....(antiparallel
• :isotopes of hydrogen atom(3)
• :dimensions of kE[ML^2/T^-2]
• :unit of surface tension
• :unit of viscosity
• :by heating megnet is...
• :when a body is going with speed of light mass become (infinite
• :device measure the current
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