What my friends and Enemies Say about Me - how to Answer

Interview at ISSB by Deputy President and related preparation are described in this forum.
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What my friends and Enemies Say about Me - how to Answer

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Why thy ask this Question. What interviewer want to find out when he asks “How would your friends / enemies describe you?
  • The question may not only be asked in interview but also during psychological tests in ISSB.
  • This question is a test of your self-awareness. The Deputy President at ISSB (or psychologist) wants to know about your personality, characteristics and your values outside home. This is also an opportunity to have a more realistic view of yourself.
  • It’s one of the most common interview questions out there, one learns what soft skills and human traits you’ll bring to the table.
  • By removing yourself from the interviewee position for a moment (by bringing in friend / enemies) deputy president wants to encourage you to be more realistic and honest.
  • This question is a test of your self-perception and an honest appraisal of how the world sees you, not just how you see yourself.
  • Being a commonly asked question, one also expects a very comprehensive answer to it.
What Points to be kept in Mind While answering "How would a friend describe me"?
  • Keep it simple and stay focused. Be as concise as possible.
  • Be honest and sincere. At the same time, its about being wise and sensible.
  • The question in primarily directed towards your strengths, a touch of weaknesses can give it a touch of reality. Don’t misrepresent yourself.
  • Dont' be overly ambitious. Remain believable. Don't be overly involved in self-praise.Try to highlight better part of you but don’t misrepresent yourself.
  • Don’t use overly-bookish and prepared language.
  • Try to use examples from real life.
What are sample answers to: What my friends say about me?

[*]My friends would probably describe me as cooperative and helpful, and that I also try to brighten the mood. Actually I enjoy knowing about people and being useful. Once we were rushing for a match, that someone asked direction. My friends and I were in a hurry, but I assisted the individual with finding out how to get where they were going. When I got back to my friends, we had a joke about it that I never leave an opportunity of helping others, no matter what.'

[*] My friends describe me as helpful and forthcoming. Whenever something goes wrong, I’m always the first to volunteer to help and always take time to understand the problem and figure out how we can solve it together.

[*]My best friend would describe me as [add up to three descriptive words, like loyal, reliable and determined]. Previously, when [describe something that happened to your friend, like an accident], [he or she] called me.
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