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Quiz & Mock - Initial Test and ISSB - New

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How to get more practice tests, pdf, guidelines?
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Initial Test Preparation - Set 1

arrow-right Verbal Test -------- Quiz 1
arrow-rightNon Verbal Mock Quiz 1
arrow-right PMA Academic Quiz -- 1

usersVerbal and Non Verbal Discussion Forum

Initial Test Preparation - Set 2

arrow-right PMA Academic Quiz -- 2
arrow-right Verbal Test -------- Quiz 2

ISSB Psychological Test Preparation

arrow-right Situation Reaction Test -- 1
arrow-right Situation Reaction Test 2-4 : on FB group.
arrow-right Lecture SRT with live Quiz
arrow-right OPI Test ---------------- Quiz 1
arrow-right General Knowledge Quiz 1

Files, Notes, Discussions
  • Download PDF - General Knowledge and Quick Math PDF: file-pdf-o
  • Download PDF - Quick Math ISSB Preparation Initial Test: file-pdf-o
  • Forum for Notes / Discussion on SRT at ISSB users
  • Forum for Notes / Discussion of MAT at ISSB: users
If you need specific test please comment here for consideration of the admin.

Quiz tests i.e. Academic Test, Verbal Test, Non Verbal Test, Mechanical Aptitude Test, General Knowledge Quiz, Quick Math and OPI test will be listed here. More tests will be added regularly - if community shows interest
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