What is checked by Deputy President in Interview at ISSB

This forum deals with Interview at ISSB by Deputy President and related preparation.
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What is checked by Deputy President in Interview at ISSB

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One of the commonly asked questions by candidates for ISSB Preparation is that What all is checked by Deputy president at ISSB during interview. This page is meant to answer this question.

At the bottom of this article, you can find link to other notes and guideline for ISSB preparation in context of interview.

Armed forces are looking for candidates who are sincere, enthusiastic and motivated with potential to complete the training and endure military life. Selectors at ISSB are accordingly looking for such aspects as honesty, sincerity, clear thinking (clarity), stress management and team spirit. Superficial behavior, rigidity, lack of diversity and over consciousness can be counter productive.
  • Appearance: Physical appearance, dressing sense, cleanliness, energy, enthusiasm, visible signs of fitness.
  • Emotional Stability: balanced personality, not rash / hyper.
  • Self Confidence: quick to comprehend and react, comfortable within himself, no over confidence, no complexes. fearless and brave.
  • Expressions: Written and verbal communication both in English and Urdu. Flow of ideas and convincing ability.
  • Academic Ability: Good academics indicate sense of responsibility, hardworking nature and intelligence level. Quick math is part of it.
  • Practicality: Initiative, teams work and sense of judgment.
  • Leadership: Planning ability, determination, sense of Responsibility, Influencing ability, initiative.
  • Courage: Mental and physical courage.
  • Fitness: Mental and physical fitness
  • Motivation: Knowing what is he doing and why.
  • Awareness: of the surroundings and current happenings.

What can be important aspects and Questions during Interview at ISSB, From Where I can get guidelines on these?
Some of the answers aspects and important question for preparation of interview are as under. If you have some unanswered questions, you can ask here.
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