Word Association Test (WAT) at ISSB - Notes / Gduidelines

Word Association Tests (WAT)and Sentence Completion Test (SCT) at ISSB
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Word Association Test (WAT) at ISSB - Notes / Gduidelines

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What is Word Association Test
Here is link to complete lecture: Psychological Tests - ISSB, OPI, Word Association, Sentence Completion, Picture Story, Pointer Story

WAT is a test of personality and mental function in which a candidate is required to respond to each of the words with first response that comes to his mind. Its believed that such responses provided clues to peoples' personalities
Word associations are almost always based on a word's meaning, as opposed to its physical properties. For example, a typical response to the word KNIFE might be FORK or perhaps SPOON, but not WIFE or LIFE. The candidate may therefore need to focus on common and sensible association.

How Word Word Association Test is Conducted at ISSB
Word Association Test is taken on the second day of ISSB. ISSB Word Association Test is also abbreviated as WAT and is part of ISSB Psychological Test. In this test, candidates are shown a word of common usage for about 10 seconds, with the help of projector. During which time candidates are supposed to write a sentence. After 10 seconds are over, another word is exposed for 9-10 seconds, the process continues and candidates are asked to write 100 sentences.

What is Tested in Word Association Test at ISSB

- By analyzing the words association of a person, a psychologist at ISSB gets to know what kind of person you are, what are your beliefs and dislikes, how do you behave to your surroundings and what is inside you.
- This test aims at judging the personality traits and basic psychology of a candidate. It brings out attitudes, thoughts, desires, feelings and even negative aspects of one's personality.
- The tests are not meant to check traits (http://issb.com.pk/guideline.html). Importantly following aspects:
-- One's ability to handle stress.
-- Planning ability / responsibility, so as to complete the given assignment.
-- Logic,determination. diversity and imagination.

What Point should be Kept in view for Practice of Word Association Test

- To do well in these tests, the candidate must “present true personality”.
- Make short yet purposeful sentences. Practice to prefect this aspect.
- Read words carefully don’t panic.
- Try to produce error free work.
- Try to create suitable co-relation / association.
- Use you knowledge in your expression but remember, its not General Knowledge test.
- Try to bring out your exposures in various fields.
- Be natural, don't be obsessed with idea of proving yourself positive.
- Avoid Stereo Typed Approach
- Try to be practical, current and not bookish.

What are the Aspects to be Kept in Mind while Handling Social Media Related words, terms, names

One of the new trends in WAT at ISSB is to include social media related terms. Some of the most common mistakes in this context include adding definition or low level basic information of social media names / terms e.g.:-
- Dark web is used for …
- Facebook is owned by ....
- Snap Chat is social media app.
- Youtube is filled with information. Or has training videos. Or is used for education.
- Tiktok kills time or is new social media.
- Wikipedia has knowledge.
- Social media is a way to talk to friends.
- Smart phones is a good invention.
- Chatgpt is powerful tool.
- Internet is world wide web / filled with entertainment.
- Television is source of new / joy.
- He uploaded a post of …….
- ----- is a gaming app.
- A program was telecast in evening.
- He has supportive network.
- White hat hackers do this / that.

Examples of better usage may be as mentioned under heading of social media words / terms at viewtopic.php?p=57

Word Association Test (WAT) at ISSB - Live Practice

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