10 Things to be avoided in WAT and Sample WAT

Word Association Tests (WAT)and Sentence Completion Test (SCT) at ISSB
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10 Things to be avoided in WAT and Sample WAT

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Ten things to be Avoided in WAT at ISSB

1. Overthinking: respond quicker, don't keep thinking to gain glory.
2. Artificiality: Be true to yourself, don't interpret positivity incorrectly.
3. Memorization/ use ready made words.
4. Completely descriptive and bookish.
5. Trying to associate every word with Defense Forces/ Army. Being single tracked is not good.
6. Not being readable.
7. Being obsessed of not writing certain words or sentences (and do's and don't).
8. Worrying about the beauty of the sentence, concentrate on the correct ideas.
9. Not checking own sentence after writing in practice sessions.
10. Not doing real time / timed practice.
Sample Word Association Sentences

Courage – It needs courage to fight
Fly – Eagle flies magnificently
Work – Work is worship
Ant – A hardworking Insect

Sleep – Loss of time
Time – Time is precious
Always – be punctual
Child – Father of every man

Sun – source of energy for all
Work – Work is worship
Hijack – Commandos overpower hijackers
Weak – Brave man defeat weakness

Break: Records are meant to be broken.
Deteriorate: Corruption deteriorates economy.
Hesitation: Practice overcomes Hesitation.

Real Time Practice Word Association Test ISSB:

Patience is a virtue
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