270 Word Association Test Example Sentence

Word Association Tests (WAT)and Sentence Completion Test (SCT) at ISSB
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270 Word Association Test Example Sentence

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Word Association Test - WAT Sample Sentence

1. Basic: Islamic values are pillars of personality.
2. Agree: Agreement results in mutual respect.
3. Assist: Mutual assistance binds a community.
4. Affection: Affection symbolizes family.
5. Accept: Leaders accept challenges.
6. Attack: Wolves pick the weakest animal in their attack.
7. Afraid: Fear results in a defensive personality.
8. Alone: Reading hobby never leaves one alone.
9. Youth; Youth is name of the change.
10. Admire: Admiration enhances confidence.
11. Active: Sports and activeness are interlinked.
12. Inspiration; Activates people to do well.
13. Nation; Youth is hope of nation.
14. Avoid: Planning avoids suffering.
15. Attempt: Serious attempts ensure good results.
16. Determined; Pyramids of Egypt show human determination.
17. Army: Pak Army has proud soldiers.
18. Army is second name of discipline.
19. Accomplish:
20. Perseverance accomplishes success.
21. Appeal: Nature has unique appeal.
22. Abuse: Islam discourages abuse of power.
23. Annoy: Mature people keep others happy.
24. Award: Hard work is an award itself.
25. Accident: Traffic rules avoid accidents.
26. Device: .
27. Against: Let's stand against polio.
28. Government works against the odds.
29. Average: Average People need efforts.
30. Approach: NATO approach about Ukraine raised questions.
31. Aloof: Company of friends removes aloofness.
32. Aid: Pakistan provided aid to Earthquake victims.
33. Argument: Argument generate ideas.
34. Architect: Ancient architecture was imaginative.
35. Ambassador: Sportsmen are ambassador of country.
36. Mother: A symbol of love and care.
37. Again: Practice improves performance.
38. All: All Pakistani are devoted people.
39. Aware: Awareness will minimize Polio.
40. Adult: Adulthood is responsibility.
41. Boredom: Boredom inspires transformation.
42. Boredom: Friends and family removes boredom.
43. Bachelor: gaining experience.
44. Ballot: Plays important role in democracy.
45. Barrier: Pollution is barrier to good health.
46. Beauty: Midnight moon.
47. Nature: Nature refreshes.
48. Bribe: Bribe is a termite for society.
49. Books: E-books may replace traditional books.
50. Books: Digitization challenges value of books.
51. Behave: Well behaved politician are rare.
52. First: First computer virus was written by a Pakistani (1986).
53. Break: Genetic bonds never break.
54. Blood: Saves life.
55. O+ is universal donor.
56. Patriots nurture nation with blood.
57. Begin: Friends help in beginning career.
58. Beggar: Social workers help beggars to settle.
59. Relations are based on loyalty.
60. Bed: Early to be sounds logical.
61. Bad: Parents take bad out of one's life
62. Brave: Brave men build society.
63. Pakistan build Nuclear Technology with zeal.
64. Burden: Cheerful friends ease burden.
65. Pakistanis take burden of Muslims willingly.
66. Blame: Blame game never helps.
67. Tears: Tears of Palestinian touch hearts of Pakistani.
68. Bomb : High population is like a bomb.
69. Bombing; in Ukraine caused human crisis.
70. Calamity: Family stands together in calamities.
71. Disaster management minimizes effects of calamity.
72. Calm: Calm and cool people win hearts.
73. Patience: is a virtue.
74. Careful : Careful preparation keeps errors away.
75. Compel : Compelling reasons win a lot of supports.
76. Captain : Motivates his men/leads by example.
77. Capable : Continuous efforts increase capability.
78. Congratulation : Congratulate winners for inspire further.
79. Company : of friends is soothing.
80. Company: of good people gives good habits.
81. Cheat : Cheating does not give long-lasting results.
82. Cheating is never right approach.
83. Clean : morning air is pleasant.
84. Culprit : Is brought to justice by law.
85. Cruel : Hitler's cruelty brought bad name to Germany.
86. Cruelty is a trait of feudal.
87. Cry : To Check growing population is the crying need of the hour.
88. Cup : Life is a cup of joy.
89. Child : Priceless asset of parents.
90. Future torch bearer of country‟s progress.
91. UNICEF runs may schemes for supplement of children.
92. Care : Caring and sharing makes the relations strong.
93. Casual : Attitude harms the success.
94. Change : Determined people change the fate.
95. Quaide-e-Azam fought for a change.
96. Conduct : Conducting environmental campaigns increases awareness.
97. Class : Food for work scheme helps lower class of society.
98. Class differences are fading now.
99. Convince : Confident people convince others easily.
100. Criticize : Positive criticism improves performance.
101. Healthy criticism improves performance.
102. Develop : Youth plays crucial role in the development of country.
103. Discourage : Coach encourages team to win the match.
104. Duty : Duty and responsibility goes together.
105. Duty implies responsibilities.
106. To perform duty is always joyful.
107. Delay : Doing work without delay shows sincerity.
108. Dictator : Democracy is the answer to dictatorship.
109. Drink : Clean drinking water is essential for public health.
110. Interlinking of revers will provide enough drinking water.
111. Death : The brave soldier died a martyr‟s death.
112. Death of a martyr inspires young blood.
113. Deteriorate : Illiteracy deteriorates progress.
114. Social values have deteriorated over time.
115. Disagree : disagreement is removed by pragmatic approach.
116. Doubt : Good performance by Police is doubtful.
117. Diversity : Crop diversification is beneficial for good cultivate
118. Dialogue : Is solution of Kashmir problem.
119. Difficult : Strong people face difficulties bravely.
120. Demand : Talented people are always demanded.
121. Earn : Honesty earns respect.
122. Iqbal earned a name in poetry.
123. Escape : Brave don't escape from difficulties.
124. Elder : Is the best inspiration.
125. Examination : Exam system leaves much to be desired
126. Leaders examine all angles.
127. Enjoy : Friend's company is enjoyable.
128. Friends enjoy each other's company.
129. Encourage: Encouragement motivates.
130. Efficiency : Encouragement results better performance.
131. Enemy : Lively people have more friends.
132. Troops fight enthusiastically.
133. Excuse : Brother never give lame excuse.
134. Fight : Pakistan army fights with courage.
135. Fear : Courage removes fear.
136. Enemy is fearful of our Army.
137. Future : Future of space research is very bright.
138. Upcoming generation is the future of country.
139. Failure: Gives chance to mend the shortcomings.
140. Fair: Is the confidence of multi-cultures.
141. Book fairs draw people from diverse fields.
142. Fellow: Trust and understanding is the bond among the fellows.
143. Follow: Good leaders command healthy following.
144. Friend : Friends help/trusts/understands each other.
145. Is the gift of God.
146. Future : Is good for Muslim Ummah.
147. Family : Always stand together.
148. Muslim feel like a family.
149. Flower : Relaxes and freshens from inside.
150. Favorite : Cricket is favorite game of Pakistanis.
151. Film : Documentary films educate masses.
152. Is the showcase of creative message.
153. Guard: Defense forces guard the border who full devotion.
154. Girl: Deserves equal opportunities for development for society.
155. Gallant: Gallant mountaineers scaled the peak successfully.
156. Happy: Meeting friends gives happiness
157. Having a goal is a state of happiness.
158. Honest: Good citizens show honesty
159. Towards their responsibilities.
160. Holiday: Helps to keep mind relaxed.
161. Hesitation: Practice removes hesitation.
162. Knowledge helps in problems.
163. Home: Learning starts from home.
164. Habit: Good habits lead a long way in life.
165. Good habits are inculcated by practice.
166. Headmaster: Takes his institution to heights.
167. Headmasters are role model for students.
168. Hard-work: Always pays in life.
169. Persistent handwork brings positive result.
170. Always give helping hand to neighbors.
171. Hand: Pakistanis joined hand against terrorism.
172. A Muslim always is caring for neighbors.
173. Illiterate: Literacy brings prosperity in society.
174. Literacy helps growth.
175. Impossible: Persistence made it possible to reach the moon.
176. Consistent effort make everything possible.
177. Insult: He respects his elders.
178. convert insult to motivation.
179. Jump: High jump in IOs (issb) is interesting.
180. Joke: Creates light-moments in life.
181. Jungle: Jungle stories are rare these days.
182. Jungle: is a nature's gift .
183. Joy: Sound of waterfall is joy.
184. Jealous: Love overcomes jealousy.
185. Jealous: Care removes jealousy.
186. Lose: One bounces back from loss by planning well.
187. Love: Binds people.
188. Love: Family bond creates lovely feeling.
189. Love: is the strongest bond.
190. Leader: Always shows right path to his men.
191. Leader: Father is leader of family.
192. Lonely: Company of friends is a joy.
193. Luck: Luck favors the valiant.
194. Luck: Effort brings luck.
195. Loyal: Pakistanis are loyal and loving.
196. Loyalty: makes relations stronger.
197. Language: Learning foreign language is useful.
198. Language: of love is well understood.
199. Logic: Logical ideas are welcomed by all.
200. Mad: Fanaticism is a madness of making.
201. Make: Timely decisions help in making the career.
202. Meet: Meeting regularly creates better understanding.
203. Mend: Mending fences improves relations.
204. Mother: Is an embodiment of faith.
205. Movement: Pakistan movement changed history.
206. Necessity: Motivates a man to work hard.
207. Newspaper: Improve reading skill through newspapers.
208. Notice: Great deeds are noticed by everyone.
209. Obey: Love brings obedience.
210. Obey: Disciplined obey orders.
211. Opportunities: Wise-man makes use of opportunities.
212. Overcome: One can overcome the hurdles with determination.
213. Overcome: Self-confidence helps in difficulties.
214. Quick: Army Officers take quick.
215. Read: Reading enhances knowledge.
216. Recognition: Ukraine's resistance is worth recognition.
217. Respect: Turkish respect Pakistanis.
218. Responsible: Rank and responsibility go together.
219. Rest: Rest is essential after handwork.
220. Revolution: Brings a change.
221. Rights: Rights and duties are co-related.
222. Risk: Higher the aims, higher is risk.
223. Rule: Rules bring discipline.
224. Shy: Soldier are shy/ polite.
225. Sister: Purest of human relationship.
226. Sportsman: Sportsman spirit teaches fair-play.
227. Stamina: Mental endurance is critical for leaders.
228. Sports: Sports are exciting way to improve personality.
229. Struggle: Struggles brings thrill.
230. System: Systematic approach makes work easier.
231. Teacher: Teachers set direction of community.
232. Team: Team-effort leads to success.
233. Temper: Parents temperament is joy for family.
234. Thank: Thanking people costs nothing.
235. Tired: Success reduces tiredness.
236. Travel: Learning people is interesting.
237. Understand: Quran teachings be understood.
238. Uniform: Uniform symbolizes discipline.
239. Unity: Mutual understanding brings unity.
240. Victory: Sincere efforts leads to victory.
241. War: War has shifted to media
Russia-Ukraine war will impact economy.
242. Worry: Hurry and worry is of no use.
243. Young: Young one keep hopes alive.
244. Rise: Youth is like rising sun.
245. Zeal: Cricket is zeal of Pakistanis.

Social Media Related Words / Terms / Tools (246-262).

245. Whats app: No app creates better family bondage then Whatsapp
246. Whats app's location sharing enables tracking.
247. Whats-app Broadcast list saves time for greetings / invitations.
248. YouTube: YouTube is the future of education.
249. Unlike zoom, Youtube lacks two way communications.
250. Stickiness of Pub G can be devastating.
250. Facebook revolutionized family connectivity.
251. Facebook unleashes power to small business.
252. Businesses penetration is deeper through Facebook.
253. Tiktok has given a new face to humor.
254: Twitter: Tweets are a modern political tool.
255: Instagram's thrust to fashion attracts female.
256. Instagram's diversifies social sharing.
257. Impact of AI on jobs is questionable.
258. Misuse of Chat GPT is problematic.
259. Social networks have progressed to new heights.
260. Networking is essential component modern living.
261. Mobile phones have diversified life.
262. Internet has been a seamless revolution
263: Lazy: Laziness may result in loss of job. (lazy)
264: Good health is because of exercise / proper rest. (rest)
265: When one studies hard, he gets good grades. (hard) (study)
266: Sluggish economy is resulting slow business. (economy)
267: Good training brings better results.
268: Practice increases match worthiness of players.
269: Truthfulness results in trust worthiness.
270: Obedience of parents may win place in Jannah.
Patience is a virtue
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