Initial Interview - PMA, GDP, PN Cadet, LCC,TCC,CAE, SSC Course

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Initial Interview - PMA, GDP, PN Cadet, LCC,TCC,CAE, SSC Course

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Initial interview :
for Army Courses is based on short session comprising 5-10 Questions. As per information at Army official website, each candidate will be given marks out of 20. A candidate securing less than 10 marks will be considered failure and will not be given Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) form.
Initial interview is conducted by preliminary selection board headed by Selection and recruitment Officer (S&RO) with a psychologist as its member.

What are the aspects /areas to be Assessed during initial Interview
o Expression and confidence in Urdu and English Language.
o Knowledge about current affairs.
o Knowledge about Geo and Pak Studies.
o Overall outlook.
o Extracurricular activities include sports and hobbies.
o Any other aspect as deemed appropriate by the Panel.

What dress should one prefer to wear during initial test interview?
o Suggested Dress
- Dress-Pant, dark color may be dark blue, black or brown
- Shirt, light blue or white or light brown color. Or shalwar Qameez of decent color with waste coat.
- Formal Shoes.

What points to be kept in mind for Initial Interview (Preliminary Tests)?
o Enter the interview room with faith in Allah and self-confidence.
o Listen to the questions carefully and give relevant answers.
o The candidate must answer questions in an easy and natural way.
o Be smart in answering but don’t be clever
o Don’t try to prove your intelligence.
o Should be sensible and wise and display energy, remain lively.
o Use simple and right words while answering questions.
o Be sharp, should not pause for a long time.
o Keep eye contact.
o Don’t be defensive, admit mistakes, if these are there.
o You shouldn't bluff or go for a hazard guess if you are unknown to some question or don’t know an exact answer, you don’t know something correctly, own it.

Where I can find likely questions for initial interview of PMA Long Course, GDP, CAE, TCC, LCC and other SSC

You may find Sample Questions - Initial Interview PMA, TCC, GDP, AD, LCC, CAE, SSC
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